Burger and Lobster – Soho London, Revisited

This is my second time at Burger and Lobster. If you have read my previous post, you would know that this to me, is the happiest place on earth. I ‘just’ love getting down and dirty with some lobster.

At this point, it’s popularity still hasn’t wavered. In fact, we spent 2.5 hours waiting to be seated. The only reason I am happy to wait is because they call you when your table is ready. Which means I can have a cheeky few before the hunger really sets in.

Burger and Lobster, don’t have a menu as such and only serve the following three items:

  1. Whole lobster steamed or grilled with clarified garlic butter or garlic and lemon butter;
  2. Lobster roll served in a brioche bread with with clarified garlic butter or garlic and lemon butter ; or
  3. Beef burger with optional cheese and bacon

All are served with a side of salad and fries at £20 a pop. Approx. $35AUD.

First time round I did the whole lobster, but now I wanted to tackle the lobster roll so I could compare the two.

Lobster Roll - fpn

The results are in and the lobster roll is far better when it comes down to taste. It is served in the most luxuriant butter brioche bread.  It is freshly hot and toasty with every mouthful filled with the taste of butter. Think of the famous buttered brioche bread at Black by Ezard and a whole lobster stuck in between.

Inside, you’ll find the meat of a whole lobster. The filling is served cold which I was worried about at first but I’m surprised at how nice this is. Texturally the crunchy brioche juxtaposes real nicely with the tenderness of the lobster filling. I also love that I can see generous chunks of lobster pieces looking back at me. I see claw! God this is so good.

The wasabi mayo is  lovely and light and the dusting of chives gives it a subtle onion flavour.  I drizzle fresh lemon which gives it a lovely zest and lift. But I have eyes for the pool of lemon garlic butter and decide to dip my entire roll in and soak it all in. Chips and salad are in too. Ughh… can get this get any better?

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15 thoughts on “Burger and Lobster – Soho London, Revisited

  1. Mmmmmmm this looks awesome…..Lobster in a roll….who would have thunk it? Only millions of US in the Maine area. I’ve never tried one but thinking of trying to do a make-it-at-home session as I really want to try them. So, very very different……but what would you pick side-by-side……Shake Shack burger or Lobster Burger?

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