There’s nothing like a bit of Indian food to comfort and hold you on a cold summers night! It was drizzling and cold out and I couldn’t help but ask for something spicy and for something saucy to warm me up from the inside.

Palak Patha Chaat

Batter fried spinach combined with chickpeas, potatoes and topped with Yogurt tamarind sauce. $8.90

The yoghurt and tamarind sauce licks the fried spinach, chickpeas and potato pieces and is simply out of this world! I never knew vegetables could taste this good! The sauce is sweet, spicy and tangy whilst balancing the contrast of so many textures. There is a lot happening at once and you can’t tell what’s what, but that’s simply the best part. The guessing game.

Lamb cutlets

Succulent baby lamb cutlets marinated in yoghurt, ginger and garlic with selected spices and broiled in tandoor $13.90

The next starter was a show stopper. Gracing us with its sizzling and searing presence, I couldn’t help but film the moments that ensued. The baby lamb cutlets were succulent and juicy flavoured with subtle spicy notes. Dipped with mint yoghurt and drizzled with lemon, simply gave it the perfect send off.

Butter Chicken

Butter Chicken $16.90

I had a bit of a teensy tiny sook that we didn’t get something spicier but I am a woman of compromise. I gave in to having the butter chicken and subsequently, with no regrets! It was a buttery, creamy and saucy delight. A delight I knew my hips were going to pay for later.

Garlic & Cheese Naan

Garlic & Cheese Naan $4.00

I made a special order for the garlic and cheese naan. They don’t serve it on the menu but they are more than happy to prepare one for you upon request. The naan bread is garlic-y, cheesy and delicious when dipped, wrapped and covered in the butter sauce.

For some comforting and easily one of the best Indian establishments in the lower north shore. Make sure you make your way to Blu Ginger. They’ll be no regrets.

Welcome to Blu Ginger, for the best comfort food with no regrets.

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  1. foodiepop says:

    I found the butter chicken here really good, and I especially like the desserts too. And even better is the view at the bottom of Blues Point Road!

    • Food Porn-er says:

      I noticed that in ur post. I didn’t have room for dessert I will have to make room for next time!

      View is spectacular. Great for date nights. It used to be my ferry stop on my way to work!

  2. chocolatesuze says:

    mmm love cheese and garlic naan!

  3. London says:

    Nice photos…I heard good things about this place and will check it out next time i am in sydney…

  4. Julia says:

    The photos are great. Love the steam over the lamb. Feel like l want to eat the food now even though it’s not even 8am.

  5. […] ($3.50) to kick things off. The naan bread was easily the best I have ever had, next to the one at Blu Ginger. It was beautifully buttery, so much so it was even dripping with the stuff, spots of charred naan […]

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