I always feel so bad when I am given the obligatory show and tell of the live crab before it goes under the knife. But then there’s the other part of me that says, “Well… it’s really the only way to eat crab. Can’t wait!”

Growing up, I used to enjoy the thrill of the kill. I would eagerly and hungrily keep my eye out on the most liveliest crab, where I would point out, “That one!” Now, I don’t even recognise myself anymore…

fresh mud crab

Before – live mud crab

crab w ginger and shallot sauce

Super Bowl is a personal favourite of mine. Food is always delicious, cheap and served to you in your traditional Hong Kong (Honkie) style eatery. You have communal seating with plastic chairs, food served and moving at warped speed while patrons are merrily burping and slurping away. Hong Kong, eat your heart out.

Here you can find mud crab w ginger and shallot sauce, a traditional Chinese favourite. The crab is sweet, fleshy and cooked to perfection. And the sauce is simply out of this world. It will have you double dipping and spooning for more.

Pipis w xo sauce

Pipis w XO sauce – a must try $26.80 (Market Price)

Super Bowl is well renowned for their clams in XO sauce and is also another one of my personal favourites. A dish you simply must try! Clams served here are always sweet, grit free (rare I know) and doused with copious amounts of that glossy spicy seafood (XO) sauce that always, hits the spot. Right on the bullseye. The bowl is positively and always overflowing with all the good stuff. Amen!

Steamed beancurd, egg white w seafood

Steamed beancurd, egg white w seafood $17.80

I loved this tofu dish. The tofu is silky and buttery soft and slurps up the sauce accompanied with the egg white layer and seafood combo. Just perfect when laid over a bed of rice.

Barramundi w ginger and shallot sauce

Live barramundi w ginger and shallot sauce $38.90 (Market Price)

This is a very tasty and traditional way to serve fish. It always reminds me of home cooked meals and Chinese banquets where the fish would be laid out as the centrepiece.

The fish is steamed and dressed with ginger, shallots and coriander. It is drizzled with hot searing oil and soy sauce to complete the dish. It is so simple, delicious and light that always has you coming back for more. Quite often you will see someone at Super Bowl eating a whole fish to themselves with a bowl of rice! It is that good!

Welcome to Super Bowl, for real Chinese food, Honkie style.

P.s Happy hour is between 3-5:30pm, where you will receive 20% on all menu items.

Exclusions do apply.

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  1. Tina @ bitemeshowme says:

    Sadly I’ve had bad experiences every time I’ve gone to super bowl 😦 But regardless, the food that you had actually looks good!

  2. grabyourfork says:

    lol at ‘thrill of the kill’. I love pippis in XO sauce, esp with a side of yu tiao for dipping into the sauce. And the tofu with egg white is always a winner too.

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