Leura Garage, Blue Mountains NSW

Posted: April 14, 2012 in New South Wales, Regional, Tapas
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If you ever find yourself whisked away to the Blue Mountains area, there is one place you absolutely must try, Leura Garage.

The used-to-be auto repair garage is a hidden gem serving up a varied menu across breakfast, lunch and dinner. In the morning they offer muffins and pastries all the way up to your antipasto, pasta and tapas for dinner. Tonight we tried their tapas menu which seems to be a hot favourite here, to sample a few of the items they had on offer.

lobster tail, grilled w lemon parsley butter

lobster tail, grilled w lemon parsley butter $22

I was excited to be nibbling away at their lobster tail with lemon parsley butter but quickly we were off to a weak start. The lobster had too much fun in the sun. It was over cooked, disappointingly chewy and we could hardly tasty the lemon butter. It did have promise though.

baby pork ribs

baby pork ribs $15

These baby pork ribs were tender, sticky and sweet. Meat chunks that easily ripped itself from the bone to reveal fibrous meat layers. They ribs were adorned with thin slivers of (never had that before) smokey pancetta that had been sliced paper thin (even thinner), baked then grilled to create whisper thin sheets of pancetta that had that flakey melt away in your mouth texture.

They were definitely the highlight of the night. It’s a big call to make, but they were almost as good as the pork ribs at Hurricanes Grill! Or better. OH… hard to say. But good enough to commit to another hours drive to Leura. Oh I do love a good piece of swine!

Decor 1

saltbush lamb eggplant caviar, greek yoghurt and pickled onions

saltbush lamb eggplant caviar, greek yoghurt and pickled onions $18

Another gorgeous dish that demonstrated perfect harmony of flavours. The cross between the lamb, the tang of the greek yoghurt and sweetness of the picked onions against the creaminess of eggplant was simply delicious.

heirloom tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, baby basil and olive oil

heirloom tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, baby basil and olive oil $17

Again, Leura Garage brings home another exceptional dish with outstanding produce. We have beautifully picked heirloom tomatoes with the most delicious buffalo mozzarella. I even had to ask where they sourced it from (Paesanella) as good buffalo mozzarella is hard to find. Why?? I ask? The baby basil was the first for me but it absolutely had the intensity of your regular basil leaves.

Welcome to Leura Garage, for a hidden gem in the blue, minus the tail.

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  1. Every image is so gorgeous! What a great story 🙂

  2. Not that I ever head up to the mountains, I know that if and when I do I’ll be giving this place a go. Great food! Loving your tomato salad pic. Gorgeous!

  3. Epicuriously says:

    We were in Leura just last week and I only read this now? Just my luck! Looks like a beautiful place, that saltbush lamb – mmmmmm… Will have to go back soon!

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