The White Hart, cocktails that eats like a meal

Posted: May 3, 2012 in English, Modern Australian, Neutral Bay, Wine Bar
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When you enter the gorgeous British concocted setting, it is oh-so-dapper and swoons you with its dashing English charms. The White Hart in Neutral Bay is famously known for showcasing the best cocktails in the area, and it’s popularity is rising, encouraging a mass exodus from south of the bridge. Edible cocktails being the main attraction.

Ranked as #2 best bars in Sydney and recently dubbed the top honour of Best Small Bar of the Year in 2011, I was very intrigued to find out more. It offers an extensive boutique cocktail menu, fine wines, tapas and dining menu to boot.

What an absolutely stunning looking dish with its bright colours leaping out at me from the table. The taste of it was equally as appealing with the creamy saltiness of the garlic aioli fish sauce along the sweet tang of the white balsamic jelly.

I almost went for another one. I only curse the day I couldn’t have a faster metabolism.

edible cocktail breakfast mojito

breakfast mojito – serves 2

The breakfast mojito is your deconstructed version of your cuban cocktail. The breakfast drink crosses more into your high school science experiment.

You brush your teeth with the mojito toothpaste (and don’t forget your gums). Rinse any residual paste with the listerine mojito mouthwash and knock that bad boy right back. Nibble away at your candied mint leaf until it disintegrates, then take your syringe and shoot on up your dosage of rum. What an ingenious way to get wasted!

the white hart

snapper smoked haddock & leek pie

The open fish pie was creamy, smokey and delicious. Why, it was so good that Julia and I had agreed to share and split our mains fifty-fifty but the bloody greedy guts decided to just keep my half and continued plowing through. Ahem…

wagyu beef burger

Why hello and nice to meat you wagyu beef pattie. Burger buns, how do you do?

Emma was kind of enough to offer me a bite and I gladly went to town with it. Chips included. I firmly wrapped my paws around the buns and sunk my teeth into this little bad boy only to find the one thing missing (while tasty) was a fat wedge of melted cheese. I always think cheese on a burger is kind of non-negotiable mandatory must have that you can’t inconceivable do without, don’t you think??? I mean, what do you think? Cos that’s what I think!!!

mushroom risotto

The risotto had a strong earthy presence of the mushrooms but it was really missing that creamy note that I always look for in a risotto. I left half of it on my plate because I found it quite bland. Even the parmesan wasn’t able to give it the lift that it needed.

How about you wagyu beef me please?

english summer garden party

Splayed over the green grass was a very Heston Blumenthal-esque edible cocktail aimed at playing on all your senses. A purpose built watering can that you dip your nose in to inhale the smell of freshly cut grass. (Which also happens to be, one of my favourites smells next to oncoming rain). Ipod softly plays the sound of an English cricket game which is parked next to an incredibly good looking martini. After all that boozing, you get to shovel your way through your absinth worms and edible dirt.

Welcome to The White Hart, for English summer fun and a touch of Heston.

The White Hart on Urbanspoon

The White Hart

02 8021 2115

19-21 Grosvenor Street
Neutral Bay, NSW 2089

  1. I love science experiment cocktail!
    Looks so cool, i want to check it out for other edible cocktails too!

  2. Damn I shouldve ordered the breakfast mojito as well! I’ve had their British Summer – love the concept of this place 🙂 The food from their main menu looks much better than the ‘British nibbles’

  3. Food Porn-er says:

    your photos are great! LOVE the look of the beef

  4. Your photos look amazeballs!!

    and that beef sounds great. yum

  5. i walked past the white hart before – was going to try it out but ended up at pony instead. the wagyu carpaccio looks pretty good and the cocktails very very interesting!

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