Quarter Twenty One is now closed.

This is Chefs Club, where 6 Chefs offer six set menus (with wine) for $30, every Tuesday.

Note: the entree and main shown here is not available on the al la carte menu.

cured beef

cured beef, picked mushroom, smoked celeriac & madeira

It was a stunning start with the beautiful slivers of cured beef laying there with its bright blushing red centre.The delicate droplets of smoked celeriac was a creamy and buttery touch that softened the intensity of the cured beef.

roast pig

roast leg of suckling pig, parsnip, brussels sprouts & honey clove jus

What makes a perfect roast pig? Tender pieces of pork? Check.

Crackling that’s crisp and that beautiful blubber of fat that lines it. Check, check.

What a glorious little piece of suckling pig. There are no words other than, you have lived and served me well piggy.


Passionfruit & vanilla bombe, yoghurt, candied macadamia, rhubarb sorbet $17

The passionfruit and vanilla bombe pictured with the burnt crusts deceptively had a soft and gooey texture, dig deeper and you will find yourself with a firm passionfruit ice cream centre on the inside. The candied macadamias delivered the right amount of crunch, gorgeous and honey-like, just like any protective caramel should.

Welcome to Chefs Club at Quarter Twenty One, for a one hat meal thats almost a steal.

Other restaurants where you can also enjoy Chefs Table menu; Cara&Co, Chat Thai, Chinta Ria… Mood for Love, Spiedo & Xanthi.

Quarter Twenty One on Urbanspoon

Quarter Twenty One

02 8064 7900

100 Market St Level 5 Westfield
Sydney, NSW 2000


  1. Tina @ bitemeshowme says:

    It looks amazing! This was on my list. After all it’s right below my work so there is no excuse for me not to go 🙂

  2. This $30 deal is such a great idea. I must take it up sometime as I, too, work very close to Westfield. Gorgeous food you had!

  3. Beautiful photos, especially of that pork belleh! For $30 too? But I’ve missed it ,haven’t I, is chefs table over? Raaaaar….!

    • Food Porn-er says:

      Maria, it’s not too late! Chefs Club is still going. Click on the link above. They’ve changed the menu and some of the restaurants have changed. So there’s no more pork berry but Quarter 21 are now doing french inspired cassoulet! YUM!

  4. […] must admit I was hoping for the suckling pig which was part of the Chefs Club menu for Q21 as seen here but oh well. That just goes to say don’t delay booking and make sure you get in quick next […]

  5. whoa what a stunning meal! I love the look of that suckling pig and the dessert, need to book in for a meal soon!

  6. Your photos really do look amazeballs! I am so jel.

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