The Dip @ Good God Small Club

Posted: November 3, 2012 in American, Cheap Eats, Chinatown, Sydney City
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For the ultimate dude food experience, make way to The Dip @ Good God Small Club.

As one of Top 10 Bar foods in the 2012 Good Food Guide, it also happens to be situated right next to a perfectly good watering hole, where jug after jug keeps going MIA and you’re the culprit.

A perplexing experience all round, it is part club, part bar and part diner.

With the music reverberating through your ear drums. Your wannabe Havana night club-come-diner is littered with fake ferns, fairy lights and neon signs dazzling you every way you turn. Its over-the-top and just beyond random, that you kind of can’t help but embrace it… and give it a whirl.

lining up 2

We unanimously decide on the chilli fries with beef and cheese and we feel like we’re no way near hungover enough to be here. But, what the hey?

Chips are thick, soft and borderline soggy which is my kind of chip.

Covered in minced beef and cheese, these fries are very good in that dirty dodgy kind of way.

chilli fries

Next up, Dylan orders up the dynamite chili dog and his silence really says it all. As soon as he comes up for air, he is quick to declare his satisfaction with the dog.

dynamite chili dog

The young cheezy is everything you could hope for in a dirty vile way. That I still yearn for it every single day.

It’s meaty, it’s soggy and my god is it cheesey… I would happily go there to be defiled all over again.

young cheezy

These wings taste exactly like the wings they have at Hooters. Is it wrong that I know that?

The wings are tasty, with a healthy dose of vinegar and a touch of spice for added kick. The ranch dressing also sits really nicely with it smothered on top and double dipped. YUM-o.

buffalo wings

While tasty, the Jug of Pimm’s just needed another decent glug (or two) of alcohol.


The pulled pork nachos was easily the weakest link. The salsa was lacking in that fresh intensity you would normally expect.

While the promise of the 12 hour smoked pulled pork was disappointing. Not only in the amount that was provided but it was dry and was void of the smokey notes that one would expect from a pig being up in the big smoke for 12 hours.

pulled pork nachos

Overall, a fun experience. Great for a cheap hang out with your groupies. Food is good and chock full of carbs and fat. Which makes going to gym, all kinds of worth it.

Welcome to The Dip, for dude food that’s worth it.

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The Dip @ Goodgod Small Club

02 9283 8792

55 Liverpool St Map.f8cd109
Sydney, NSW 2000

  1. Mmmmmmm love the dip! I love their hotdogs, it tastes so awesome. Need to try their wings!

  2. Tina @ bitemeshowme says:

    The nachos and chilli cheese fries were soooooo good. Heavy, but good. It had so much flavour!

  3. Miss Piggy says:

    Your photos are great – it’s so dark in there that my photos all look dark and blobby. Their hot dogs are the BEST I’ve ever had. So good.

    • Food Porn-er says:

      Thanks Miss Piggy! It is very dark and dingey in there but somehow I managed to edit them into brightness. I was pretty stressed out worrying that they wouldn’t turn out!
      I will have to go back and have a proper dog. So far I’ve only ever had snag n stad and I’m in love with them!

  4. rockahenry says:

    it is my belief that the young cheezy is the single greatest burger in sydney.

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