Thanks to I find myself at one of the latest additions to the Alexandria’s industrial site, Vicinity Dining. It’s 6 weeks in its inception and already it is getting a pretty good wrap.

Considered a welcomed change from the Grounds of Alexandria. It’s slick, it’s open and oh so cozy. It’s a one size fits all business model, engineered to suit all needs. From having a nice little drop – to bar, cafe and restaurant dining. It’s organic and serves up breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s so good… I overhear, “I absolutely live for their bacon and egg rolls!!”

sticky beef ribs

The sticky beef ribs were very difficult to forego. The ribs was sticky, spicy, saucy and simply a melt in your mouth joy. The apple gave it a beautiful texture and freshness while the sam jang mayo made it pure bliss.

The ribs were so tender that there was a moment where I picked up the bones so I could suck the meat off. Only to find that the meat slid itself straight off the bone!

The home made chicken liver parfait was absolutely delicious and served in its very own jar. The texture was silky, smooth and the flavour nice and buttery. At $14 it was unbelievable value and sizeable in its proportions to lay it on thick.

chicken liver parfait

lamb shoulder

triple cooked chips

Coerced by the wait staff with their eyes rolling into the back of their heads ‘to get the lamb shoulder’, it was a moment we would not live to regret.

The beautiful specimen was slowly cooked at 70 degrees for 12 hours and covered with a delicious pesto and yoghurt tahini sauce. The meat was beautifully flavoured and plentiful that we even had to get takeaway containers to take out the rest.

The triple cooked chips was unfortunately the weakest link. It is cooked once at 70 degrees, again at 180 degrees and finally once more at service. Given the process, it wasn’t as crispy as expected. It just tasted like regular chips. However, I adored the intensity of that triple smoked salt.

knickerbocker glory

I didn’t quite understand the knickerbocker glory until a couple of bites in. And for something as glorious as this, there is always room for firsts, seconds and thirds…

It begins with caramelised banana and home-made banana ice cream which might I add is the best ice cream I have ever had. Filled with layers of chocolate pieces, cookie crumbs, honey comb pieces and topped off with a burnt caramel crisp. That I’m starting to think knickerbocker glory is sincerely an understatement!

To finish, the affogato with cointreau (made to order) was another simple pleasure with the vanilla ice cream playing a leading role.


Welcome to Vicinity Dining, for some good wholehearted organic eating.

Vicinity Dining on Urbanspoon

Vicinity Dining

02 9002 1333

90-96 Bourke Road
Alexandria, NSW 2015

  1. Love all the great new places opening up around Alexandria – this is now on the list for a weekend brunch!

  2. Oh wow, that lamb. Looks amazing! I think I know what I’m having next time I’m in the vicinity.

  3. Wow that knicker bocker looks so good!! Sounds better than it looks!

  4. Ramen Raff says:

    Oh mama!! I’ve been wanting to go here for a while now ever since I saw’s post! Sticky ribs & lamb looks delish.

  5. Tina @ bitemeshowme says:

    Wowsers, everything looks and sounsd amazing. I want me some of that chicken liver parfait and that lamb. oh my, that lamb just makes me want to grab my knife and fork out….

  6. foodiepop says:

    Give me that lamb shoulder!

  7. Wow – it all looks so good. I think the lunch/dinner options look better than the brekky I had there on the weekend.

  8. ooh wow that knickerbocker glory sounds real good! im always on the hunt for an amazing banana icecream 🙂

  9. Trisha says:

    I live 5 minutes away from Vicinity, and when we went there day 3 after its soft opening, I was so excited I was jumping out of my pants! I have a love affair with their sticky ribs, I even told them they should offer it as a mains and not just entree. Will be going back there again for weekend brunch!

  10. OH yumm! Can’t wait to visit!!!

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