As part of the Sydney Festival, Justin Hemmes (Merivale Group) has partnered with Sydney’s Opera House to secure the iconic hot spot to bring us this cool little pop up restaurant-come-bar.

From the 4th – 28th January, Dan Hong (Mr Wong’s & Ms G’s) will be overseeing the venture where he will be dishing up a selection of the el loco menu along our beautiful Sydney shores. With a slight surcharge included… Que?

el loco pop up

The hot dog revealed a delicious grilled pork frankfurt nestled away in between a soft doughy bun.

Smothered in blinding amounts of cheese, I was unable to detail the other additions. It was only with each bite that brought the discovery of the pickled jalapenos, mayo and salsa. I even felt a slab of butter!

hot dog and taco 1

Unfortunately, the tacos were less successful. The beef tacos distinctively boasted of Asian rather than Mexican flavours which was subtle and kind of… not what I had in mind. Beef in black bean anyone?

In my surprise taco, they served up kidneys which I probably wouldn’t have ordered if it wasn’t a surprise. The battle was already lost before it even begun. Kidneys were served hard and rubbery, which wasn’t very palatable.


This raging heap of delicious mess just so happens to be the el loco salad. Concealed by the crispy pile of the cheesy tortilla top, there is a gorgeous salad underneath boasting fresh flavours of avocado, lettuce, spring onions, radish and salsa coated with a tangy lime dressing. In fact, I enjoyed the salad so much I practically cheated on the tortilla right in front of it.

el loco salad

el loco salad 2

habanero hot sauce

el loco balloons

I have to admit, I absolutely adore the ingenuity and decor of El Loco’s pop up restaurant-come-bar. It momentarily brings to life an often quiet part of the Opera House. It equally is a great alternative to the jam packed likes of the Opera Bar, where you can eat, drink and play in their custom playground. A playground for big kids and small kids too. Whilst the food isn’t gourmet nor is it traditional Mexican fare, somehow the view and atmosphere make up for it.

Welcome to El Loco at the House… the fun house.

El Loco at the House on Urbanspoon

El Loco on Urbanspoon

El Loco at the House

02 9999 9999

Sydney Opera House
Sydney, NSW 2000

  1. Tina @ bitemeshowme says:

    Oh i just posted about this too!! Too funny. I loved the vibe, the view, and I adore El loco’s hot dog. So much cheeeeeeeese!

  2. Totally concur about the vibe.

    A mate and I went to the Taco Challenge last Tuesday. OMG, I nearly threw up. If I did, I wouldn’t have been the only one!

  3. oh that’s a shame about the surprise taco! usually they’re pretty good lol i’ve been served lamb brains and chicken hearts O_O but it was pretty delish when i had it

  4. Oh dear, that surprise taco really was a bit of a surprise! :O I wonder what else they’ve put in them 😛

  5. Love your pics. I am suddenly craving raspberry lemonade – it would be soo good for these muggy nights!

  6. Ramen Raff says:

    Love their hotdog! Lovely photos too P!

  7. LOVE your photos girl! Very sharp and how awesome is the atmosphere!

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