Ippudo has quickly become to what some would consider as legend. Conquering the likes of New York, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Seoul, Shanghai. Ippudo has firmly found its place in Sydney’s Westfield. Since its opening it has quickly drawn in the crowds and cult following with its signature ramen and pork buns.

ippudo - close ramen

Ippudo specialises in Tonkostu ramen and offers up 3 variations of this:

  • Akamaru shinaji (above): the recipe is 25 years old and includes miso, garlic oil, pork belly, black mushrooms, bean sprouts and shallots – the Tonkotsu broth is slow cooked with pork bones to add extra depth of flavour
  • Shiromaru motoaji: Tonkotsu broth served with Hakata ultra thin noodles and includes pork loin, black mushrooms, cabbage & shallots
  • Karaka men: Tonkotsu broth with Hakata wavy noodles and includes spicy miso paste with ground pork

You can also specify the firmness of your noodles from “soft, medium or firm”. Which is funny because as a child I loved them soggy but as I have gotten older, I have graduated up to medium and now firm. I love a firm texture! They recommend having it firm but I wonder, how do you like your ramen?

akamaru w flavoured egg

Having tried 2 out of 3 Ramen’s at Ippudo, the Akamaru with flavoured egg ($18) is my absolute favourite. I love the intensity and richness of the broth and every bowl of Ramen always comes down to the broth.

The broth comes positively gleaming with richness and flavour. I am so impatient I quickly go in for the dive and I completely immersed in it. It is sensational.

I also love the fragrant hints of garlic oil and the option to swirl the miso paste into your broth. To do so, lifts the broth to the highest order.  My ramen is firm, adding texture and bite contrasting nicely with the fork tender pork belly that melts. The addition of flavoured egg is luxuriant, oozing its way out. Soft, rich and plump.

ippudo pork bun

The ippudo pork buns ($4) are so delicious, every mouthful is just as delicious as the next. The buns are super soft, the pork is spicy, fatty and tender. Setting itself apart from the creaminess of Japanese kewpie mayo and crisp lettuce leaves. Reminds me a lot of the famous Momofuku pork buns.

shiromaru 1

shiromaru w egg

The shiromaru with flavoured egg ($17) is the original tonkostu broth. It is similar to the akamaru but not as rich. It is the back to basics version but the broth is equally as fulfilling and worthy. It includes thin slices of pork loin, cabbage, shallots and black mushrooms.

ippudo chashu w rice

I’m a big fan of Ippudo, I love the Ramen here and particularly love how the egg is served with a gooey soft centre. Staff a friendly and service is efficient but I’m not too sure on the price point… Nonetheless, the ramen is that good I am still willing to wait and pay up.

So tell me, how do you like your ramen. Soft, medium or firm? And do you like to slurp your ramen just as much as I do?

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  1. Love the Akamaru ramen here! Garlic is the best 😀 And the pork buns are so awesomely soft hehe

  2. I’ve only been once and went as far as having the unagi. Very tasty but sadly too small for the price tag. Really need to go back and try some udon.

  3. peachcordial says:

    Love. The first time I came here they asked me how I wanted my noodles, and I didn’t know how to answer! Haha I’d never really thought of it before, so I just asked for how they should traditionally be.

  4. Miss Piggy says:

    I really LOVE the Akamaru shinaji here as I think I’m in love with ramen tht has garlic oil in it. But like you I think it’s a bit $$$! I tried the same thing at Ramen Zundo the other week (World Square) and it was just as good. Have you been there?

  5. Oh wow! That ni tamago looks AMAZING!! It’s been on my eat list for some time now but I’ve been procrastinating because of the average experience in the Singapore outlet. Thanks for the photos!

  6. Tina @ bitemeshowme says:

    I’m a big fan, despite what others say. It is on the pricey side but I think it always lives to tell the tale. Those pork buns are just magnificent and I’ve been tempted on numerous occassions to have a couple for lunch. I prefer firm, because as I eat it they begin to cook and become roughly the medium texture.. or unless I’m super hungry and it’s all gone in a flash 😛

  7. L says:

    I’ve been meaning to try out Ippudo. The inside of that egg looks amazing.

  8. Oh my gosh, the pork buns are definitely, LEGENDARY.

  9. the Akamaru Shinaji is my fave one at Ippudo as well! i love swirling all of those ingredients together and slurping up the entire broth. my friend who is not a big fan of ramen at all loves Ippudo because of the Akamaru ramen.

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