Swell Restaurant is said to be one of Matt Moran’s favourite breakfast spots. Coming highly recommended by the man himself, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to give it a whirl.

Set against the beautiful Bronte Beach, on a beautiful day it is the perfect spot to grab a decent breakfast or brunch, soak in the atmosphere without too much damage to the hip pocket. It is a popular spot, so best to book ahead and watch out for parking. It is either extortionate or a nightmare!

truffle poached eggs

We begin with the truffle poached eggs which arrive plump and pulsing at the middle. The dish has the indelible scent of truffles and is served with pieces of wafer thin prosciutto, adding a lovely crunch and saltiness to the creaminess of the yolk. The sourdough is as it should having texture and crunch – positively moorish.

smoked salmon

The smoked salmon, avocado, spanish onion & rocket on toast is like a deconstructed sandwich and is splayed out for all to see. Every element is extremely fresh, well balanced and as it should.

Welcome to Swell Restaurant, a beautiful beach breakfast spot.

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  1. Tina @ bitemeshowme says:

    Look at that yolk ooze out – now that’s mind kind of breakfast. It all looks quite amazing. Wouldn’t mind that for breakfast as a weekend treat.

  2. those poached eggs! yummmmm!!!

  3. Whoa, you have to book, even for breakfast? Such a restaurant must be swell indeed!

  4. Truffle poached eggs. You’re killing me!

  5. Oh my god the truffle poached eggs look amazing!

  6. Looks like a delicious breakfast!

  7. Dear Priscilla,

    That truffle poached egg looks brilliant just as your photography is. Just curious how much that dish cost.

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