Drink Better Wine was conceived so that a bottle shop could operate in the same space as a restaurant. Customers could eat their way through the menu, walk the aisles of the cellar, pick their wine and drink straight from the bottle without paying any corkage.

Since their conception, they have changed their pricing structure to match their online wine prices which is at a significantly reduced cost. To make up for the difference, they now charge a $10 corkage per bottle. I am told that even with the corkage the price still works out to be cheaper. Even so, the sound of not paying corkage versus paying corkage, will always have a better ring to it. Even if this means passing on the savings to the end consumer.

I’m not terribly phased though, good food and good wine awaits me and it will be cheaper too!

collage - fpn

dbw 1


The buttermilk chicken wings ($12) are as I had hoped. Delivering on taste and that expectant crunchy shatter with each bite. The jalapeno mayo is a great accompaniment but doesn’t have the kick of the jalapeno that I thought it would have, tasting more like a mayo.

hot dogs

These little boy hot dogs ($9) were fairly tasty but it wasn’t the most delicious dog. There could have been more cheese and you could really notice the quality of meat if the triple mustard mayo wasn’t there to mask it.  Nonetheless, we still got another round!

dbw 4

dbw 2

truffle chips

One of the best chips I have ever tasted.

Potato, truffle, cheese and garlic. All scrambled up into one delicious mouthful. Ughh.. there are no words.

The beer battered fries ($5) have the perfect crunch. They’re super crispy and really fragrant with the truffles. Cheese and carbs is always a winner in my books and I love how the grated parmesan sticks to the fries it touches. The side of aioli is rich in garlic and really could not be any more perfect when  eaten all in one bite.

chicken wings 2

These were such a success, we ordered another serve.

We were one chicken wing down on our first order as the waitress accidentally dropped one when she went to place them on our table. She promised to make it up to us but I never thought she would bring us an extra tray!

pork sliders

The pork sliders were less successful. Flavours were quite simple and didn’t hit the right balance. The bread was soggy, the meat wasn’t too crash hot and the bbq sauce overly sweet. I also wasn’t the only one to comment on the quality of the dish and the meat itself.

dbw 3

The total bill came to $139 between the 6 of us which was great value. This included 2 bottles of wine (plus corkage) with 2 serves of every item mentioned above. Oh and one more basket of chicken wings. Yes that would make it four!

It’s a great little spot for the after work drinks and nibbles. I highly recommend it.


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  1. Tina @ bitemeshowme says:

    love these nibblies. the beer battered chips, buttermilk fried chicken and pork sliders have got me drooling.. i dont think oats is cutting it for my breakfast right now.

  2. What a great concept! All the food looks like they’re the perfect bite sized morsel too 😀

  3. would love to try those buttermilk fried wings. lol i actually thought this was a bottle shop when i saw the name but the food looks so good. think i’m due for a foodie trip to northern sydney soon

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