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Decked out over 4 floors of incredible space, the interior will take you into a wonderland of graffiti walls, neon lights and communal dining space with the help-yourself-arrangement of cutlery, chopsticks, hot sauce and seasonings.

Awarded a one hat out of a possible three, it is respectively the most unconventional and deviant one hatter on the scene. It is all very tongue in cheek hailing tribute to the MSG code with the flashing “six two one” neon sign out front, or perhaps it’s the thought behind their signature dessert “stoner’s delight”. The secret ingredient? The mind of a stoner. Fun and games continue with their slushie bubble tea cocktails. Cute caricatures are printed on the seal, with mouths wide open urging you to pop your straw and drink up.

For Sunday lunch, Ms G’s offers up a lunch menu at a fraction of the price – the “tick the box” menu for $45p/p. Ticking my way through the menu we are allowed to pick 2 starters, 2 small savoury dishes, 2 large savoury dishes and one dessert. Then enough food is brought out based on our per person count. Slushie Sundays also brings the price down of the bubble tea cocktails to 5 big ones instead of the usual $14.

Note: all prices quoted below are the al la carte prices.


Mini bahn mi ($6 each) – The traditional Vietnamese rolls are turned into these adorable sliders. Made up of the usual suspects I thoroughly enjoyed every bite of these mini mi’s, all filled with delicious fatty pork belly, salad, pate and mayo.

Mini bánh mì

Ms G’s grilled corn on the cob ($4 each) is the mother of all cobs. This legendary piece of corn begins on the weber to create its grilled surface. The corn is then topped with a mixture of cream, sour cream and togarashi (japanese chilli powder) and it is then taken up a notch with lashings of parmesan, coriander and lime.

P.s this is the original recipe shared by the Ms G’s team!

corn on the cob

At a supplement of $4 each, we decide to have an additional starter of oysters with xo ponzu sauce. While the oysters were fresh I didn’t think that the xo ponzu really showcased the quality of the oysters.

oysters w xo ponzu sauce

These ingenious sea scallop tostadas deliver cleverly on flavour and texture. To experience one is almost like bringing a slice of pizza to your mouth. There is a mountainous range of toppings. You have sashimi scallops, salmon pearls, green papaya, guacamole and nham jim dressing (Thai chilli dressing) piled over a triangular tortilla chip.  Steady fingers must be at play, otherwise there may be causalities.

sea scallop tostadas

The crab and noodles ($18) were lovely, going down well with a good firm slurp. However, the dressing was far too salty adding a heaviness to an inherently subtle dish. I also tasted the Tobiko (flying fish roe) for the first time. The noodles were covered in this stuff and I hated the tobiko with a passion.  That roe just wasn’t’ for me.

Tobiko has a salty taste and a hard texture coming in sizes ranging from 0.5mm – 0.8mm. Tobiko can be infused with other natural ingredients to change its colour and flavour. Popular variations include squid ink to make it black, yuzu to make it yellow, beet to make it red and wasabi to make it green.

snow crab soba salad

Ms Jow’s sweet and sour lamb ribs ($23) will be the most unctuous rack you will ever lay your hands on. Sticky too. The meat falls off the bone and has a crispy skin all thanks to the 13 hour slow cooking process and final blasting of caramelisation at the end. Just when you thought you couldn’t top that, there’s that sweet and sour sauce that’ll make you keel over.

lamb ribs

The Malaysian butter prawns ($29) was my least favourite dish of the day, as it was overly coco-nutty for my liking. Yet there were plenty of others willing to take my eating place.

malaysian butter prawns

So berry peachy ($12) was a delicious and light way to finish our meal. The peach ice cream along with the fruit came bursting with flavour, full and ripe. Adding texture, the drops of meringue would pop and crumble in your mouth adding to the already crumbly feel of the streusel and squishy mochi.


I’m not usually a fan of Asian fusion but for Ms G’s I’m happy to bend. Drawing on Mexican, Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese and Malaysian influences, the menu is conceived with ingenuity  and executed with flair . Despite the minor issue with seasoning, (coconut was never my thing anyway) I found the whole experience pretty seamless. Service was friendly and chilled, food was above board and the atmosphere is pretty unbeatable.  With a Sunday lunch bargain to boot, what’s not to love?

Ms G’s is constantly revisiting their menu. Therefore Sunday lunch, menu items & prices are subject to change. 

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  1. Tina @ bitemeshowme says:

    I didn’t realise they offered a sunday special! I recently concluded I’m not the biggest fan of fusion foods either, but yes, MsG’s does execute everything very well. And those lamb ribs… seriously to die for.

  2. The lamb ribs are definitely one of my top favourite dishes of all time 😀 I thought there was going to be nothing special about the mini banh mi’s but boy was I wrong – they were so good in every way!

  3. peachcordial says:

    I love the fried chicken at Ms G’s. So tasty and delicious. I didn’t mind the lamb ribs either!

  4. missklicious says:

    That’s a pretty good deal! Love the mini banh mi and lamb ribs (even though I’m not even normally a fan of lamb at all!)

    • I don’t normally like lamb ribs either but they really hit the spot. They only reason I ever got them was because I could smell them and i managed to get a random to give me a rack of theirs! After that, i had to order them! Lol

  5. I’ve been meaning to try Ms G’s for awhile now and this seems like a pretty good deal for a sunday lunch! those lamb ribs look fantasticc 😀 BTW love your new blog layout 😀

  6. This post serves a good reminder for me to
    a) put up my own Ms G’s post
    b) visit it again! Those ribs and the mini banh mi!

  7. i haven’t been to Ms G’s in a long time. so many new dishes that I’ve gotta try especially the sea scallop tostada.

  8. Ramen Raff says:

    I love Ms. G’s! Their lambs ribs and mini banh mi are amazing. This is hella cheap for $45pp.

  9. These lamb ribs are my favourite lamb ribs ever! They are just sooooo good! Can’t get enough of these 🙂
    I’ve tried reproducing the lamb ribs at home… using a leaner part of lamb though! I believe they use soy sauce, wine vinegar, cumin, lime, mint… but if you can remember of other ingredients that’d be helpful ! 🙂

    • Ok you’re in luck because we asked how they made the ribs.They said that they slow cook the lamb at 94 degrees for 13 hours. They brown and smother it with a sauce made with a caramelised sugar reduction, lemongrass, soy paste, coriander, chilli, lime and cumin before serving. They didn’t mention wine vinegar, but I’m sure they have that in it!

  10. milkteaxx says:

    i love this place and its vibe! the mini bahn mis are to die for but my heart still goes to the baby chicken with kimchi mayo and stoner’s delight!

  11. oh I seriously loooooove Ms Gs hehe, their mini banh mis are the bomb :9

  12. T-T I still haven’t been to this place yet but hope to go soon…the foods there seems awesome!!

  13. That corn looks amazing, but them ribs! Yum!

  14. Peter Leadbeatter says:

    Im trying to locate the recipe for the Corn on the cobb from Ms Gs. By any chance do you have it?

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