The Mexican Wave continues its way through Sydney and I don’t foresee an end in sight. Chica Bonita is a small bar first and restaurant second and is located on a dingy little lane way on the wharf side of Manly. During lunch they mainly serve burritos while during dinner service there is an entirely different menu of tacos, quesadillas & chimichangas. They also have an interesting drinks menu of beer, beer and tequila shots and cocktails that range from pink bits to a rim job. Too bad it is a Sunday lunch and too early for any of those things…

food - collage fpn

The carne asada with fries ($13) is godly but deadly. You have a stack of fries served with flame grilled steak, melted cheese, guacamole and salsa. Eating it was like a fight between foes, crash tackling for every scrummy morsel with fork in hand and your eyes on the prize. So good, we practically inhaled it, leaving not much room for anything else.

carne asada fries

Despite all odds, the shredded pork burrito ($13) cooked low and slow gives us the strength to forge on. The pork is woody  and smokey with a lovely pull apart texture that comes with each bite. The filling of beans, rice & salsa pairs well with the smokey pork making it decidedly my firm favourite.

pulled pork burrito

chica bonita - collage fpn

The carne asada burrito ($13) comes in for a close second and is not much different than the former apart for the flame grilled steak filling. The pork gives it its edge over the steak with its rich smokiness.

carne asada burrito

The California burrito ($13) was probably the weakest of them all. The fillings included steak, fries, cheese and guacamole and the flavours didn’t leap out at me when compared to the taste of the fillings of beans and rice served in the other burritos which truly gave it its x factor.

cali burrito

Chica Bonita is a great spot to get your drink and Mexican on. I can only imagine how busy it would get with the Friday/Saturday night crowds with its small surrounds, so it would be best to get in early and snag a spot. Servings are generous, food is good and matched with a good price point. I will definitely be back for more at night for some more food and booze.

All burritos were served with sour cream at an added surcharge of $1.


7 The Corso
Manly, NSW 2095

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  1. Tina @ bitemeshowme says:

    If only I didn’t live so far. I was always meaning to visit when Lex was still head chef there. Sadly I didn’t get the chance. Bummer! Those fries have got me by a chain – I am a sucker for fries and I want them, badly, desperately.. right now lol

  2. Looks like they have some pretty awesome offerings! I do have a weakness for pulled pork, so gotta try that delicious sounding burrito if I’m ever in the area!

  3. Holy moly – I want those fries!

  4. *jawdrop*

    Oh wow, finally some good Mexican to get my hands on!

  5. Beautiful mexican dishes! Hope we have some in SA

  6. HELLS YEAH! I’m in love with a new Chica…..shhhhhh 🙂

    This all looks really good and I get all girly like around a burrito 😛, especially one packed full like these. Normally I go for chicken however the steak looks so finely diced it ma sway me over.

  7. carne asada fries?! yes please!!!

  8. grabyourfork says:

    The fries are so moreish aren’t they? Haven’t been since Lex left though. lol

  9. chocolatesuze says:

    the carne asada fries are insane!

  10. Soth says:

    Oh Mexican food! Sadly I haven’t had any great experiences so will be keeping this one in mind! There’s a new Mexican place in Surry Hills that used to be District Dining (it’s run by the same people), if you ever get the chance to check it out I would love to know how it is!

  11. Ai Jaedee says:

    I was there @ Manly a month ago… I could not even find this place! I saw # 8 but looked around well & no signs of # 7 or the store signage!

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