How to Make Truffle Eggs

Posted: August 26, 2013 in Recipes
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The season for truffles is almost coming to an end. If you ever do get your hands on a gorgeous truffle or plan to before the season is over. One of the many things I recommend you make is a batch of truffled eggs. If you like eggs with truffle shavings then you are going to like your eggs infused with them. The shell of the eggs are so delicate that the aroma of truffles really seep through the pores. The truffle works it way right through the centre. In the yolk is where the taste of the truffles will be fairly concentrated. It is heavenly! It is really such an easy way to prepare eggs and a great way to get the most of your freshly purchased truffle before you start shaving it on everything and anything. All you need is a bit of patience on your side. This has never personally been my strong suit, so I was definitely sprung opening the container catching a whiff, seriously getting my smelly fix on!  Lack of patience aside, it will be worth the wait. What you will need:

    • 1 truffle (at the very least – the smellier the better!)
    • air tight container ( I used snapware, see below)
    • paper towels
    • eggs (I infused up to 16 eggs)

truffle eggs   Method: Fold two sheets of paper towel over and place at the bottom of your air tight container. Truffles tend to sweat so this will help capture any moisture and prevent it from moulding. Gently place your eggs and truffle within the container. Place the lid over your air tight container and set aside in the fridge for two days.  After two days your truffle eggs will be ready to eat. I like to prepare them sunny side up to get that runny texture off the yolk. If I am feeling particularly indulgent I will shave some extra truffles for extra flavour and for the obvious eye candy but honestly, you won’t need it. There is already so much flavour in the yolks! Enjoy x Notes:

  • Truffles were purchased from Gourmet Life. They can also be purchased from Harris Farms. 
  • Make sure you purchase a good air tight container. This could make or break your truffled eggs and make your fridge smell really great but your eggs will be just that, eggs. I used snapware, purchased from David Jones. It allows you to completely push all the air out of the container with a couple of squeezes.
  • I would also suggest making the investment in some good truffle shaving gear. I recommend using the microplane range. I used the Gourmet Larger Shaver and the Original Microplane Zester/Grater. Or you can alternatively use one of those adjustable mandolines where you can shave the truffle transluscent paper thin sheets!
  1. this is the best ever and all too easy to make!

  2. grabyourfork says:

    Love how truffles give you two meals for the price of one!

  3. Tina @ bitemeshowme says:

    Oh man now this makes normal eggs seem so boringggggg

  4. thanks for posting up the recipe! i can imagine how delicious this would be 😀

  5. How super-dooper fancy. Need a truffle, STAT!

  6. Truffled egg + ravioli or some organic tree range bacon would be fantastic! Thanks for the recipe Priscilla!

  7. peachcordial says:

    Wow. Good work! These look (and sound) amazing. I’m sure it’d smell great too. Definitely one to try if I ever get my hands on some truffles!!

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