The Stuffed Beaver is an interesting spot. It’s a Canadian inspired joint that dishes up a mixture of Canadian and a Tex-Mex type menu. I’m talking fries, tacos, dogs, burgers and nachos. It’s not 100% Canadian through and through but the staff and the owner are. They do serve the classic poutine which if you’re like me and have never tried this before, is a speciality junk food originating from Quebec, a true emulsion of French Canada. It’s fries served with gravy and cheese curds and it is as it sounds, evil and glorious. The venue has your typical sports bar vibe, great for a cheap eat and groups wanting to share. Everyday they have a dam special. Wing half day Wednesday is their most popular item and I can totally see why.

collage - fpn

The frickles, ($5.99 – deep fried pickles) seems ungodly but it turns out to be one of life’s true guilty pleasures. If you love pickles you will love them hot, deep fried, covered in batter and then dipped in that tangy ranch sauce.  Wanting the best of both worlds, I negotiate to sample both the hot wings and the BBQ wings (11.99). Both are equally tasty as the other. The hot wings will bode well if you like it really spicy. You will cough it, like it’s hot. (Love it).The ranch sauce brings delicious relief and brings it down a notch. The BBQ wings are as you would hope. Sweet, tangy and sticky. The classic poutine ($14.99) is like Chip de Royale. I’m a sucker for soggy fries so this really hits the spot for my inner glutton. If you haven’t tried this before you must in your heart of hearts, seize this moment.

I couldn’t forego the John Candy Combo ($15.80). They grill the cheese until it is melted then insert the pickles inside the cheese until it becomes as a whole. This looks like a fried egg and it is served with a beef pattie & bacon. While the dam beaver burger ($10.80) is your regular beef burger with blue cheese which is delicious, rich and hearty. Both burgers were tasty, yet they seemed a little dry and probably could use some sauce.

Overall, this is a great find. Service was friendly and relaxed, food is ideal for your dirty junk food hit and marked with a low price point.



classic poutine

john candy combo

dam beaver burger

foodpornnation attended as a guest of the stuffed beaver and trishnicol agency. 

The Stuffed Beaver
271 Bondi Road
Bondi, NSW

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  1. Nessy Eater says:

    Never heard of or tasted the frickles before! Sounds interesting to give this a try

  2. Ramen Raff says:

    I want that poutine badly!

  3. Tina @ bitemeshowme says:


  4. Themancraves says:

    You have sold me, this sounds like a place for me. I want to try the Frickles however I will not be able to leave without trying the chicken wings. Great photos

  5. This looks so delicious but so bad so bad for you!

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