Originating in NYC, Shake Shack is the all American food chain serving up burgers, hot dogs, shakes, fries and frozen concretes.
It is notoriously known for the following signature items: juicy burgers, concretes, gooey cheese and long windy lines taking it to 34 locations across the globe. Locally, it’s also known for being part in the burger wars with Five Guys in the ultimate burger off in who does the better all American burger?

But most of all, it is the only burger place where each burger served looks exactly like it does in the photo. It is picture perfect!! Follow them on Instagram @shakeshackuk, for your total viewing pleasure…

The secret to their juicy burgers is that it is made from a mysterious beef blend, taking different parts of the cow to make up the patty. The concrete is also widely known to be made from frozen custard and not ice cream! It is called a concrete because when you flip it upside down it stays put like a nice little concrete slab and doesn’t so much as drip.

The patty is 100% Angus beef hormone and antibiotic free, cooked medium unless requested otherwise. What’s not to love?

shake shack meal - fpn

Ordering system is pretty straight forward.There are no meal deals here, so you order what you want. For your burgers you can order a single or a double.

My sister goes for the smoke shack – single (£6.50). A beef patty with cheese, British free range bacon, pepper sauce and shack sauce. We both agree that this isn’t the best of the bunch. It is the pepper sauce that it is undoing.

smoke shack

I couldn’t resist going in for a double – naughty me. The double cheeseburger (£7.25) has an opt in policy so I ask for all the trimmings. The onions, the pickles, tomatoes and lettuce and this is served with their shack sauce.

This is bloody brilliant and my sister loves it too! I love the juicy patty and gooey cheese.  The onions and lettuce add a lovely crunch and the glorious shake shack sauce holds it together beautifully. It is one of the best double cheeseburgers of my life.

first - double w sis - fpn

I’m naughty again and I come back for seconds the next day. I skipped breakfast and had this for lunch.  Bearing in mind, that this was my dinner the day before, so this is my second consecutive Shake Shack meal.

I go in for a double again. While Emma G goes for the single Shake Shack burger (£5.00). She takes one bite and her face instantly lights up.

We decide to get the cheesy fries (£3.50) and our hearts skip a beat. It is perfection, gooey warm cheese against a crunchy crinkle cut chips. I love crinkle cut! Don’t worry, if you like it soggy. There are some soggy bits too!

collage - fpn

As mentioned, the concrete is made from frozen custard. Depending on which one you choose it has local decadent treats thrown in and whizzed up at high speed. You can also go in for a single (£4.00) or a double (£6.50).

The Union Shack Concrete (£4.00) is for you choc-aholics anonymous out there. It has chocolate custard, St John’s chocolate hazelnut brownie, paul.a.young chocolate (both very popular bakeries and chocolate house in the UK), chocolate fudge and sea salt. It was far too rich for me but my sister takes it all in.

I have the sticky toffee concrete and it is absolutely delicious (£4.00) and I love the silky smooth texture. My spoon literally glides through it picking up pieces of vanilla custard, paul.a.young chocolate, chocolate toffee, salted caramel sauce and malt powder. YUM!

This is so good, I already want to go back for thirds but good old self control kicks in – only just. It’s a shame we don’t have this in Australia!


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  1. grabyourfork says:

    Their burgers are so very pretty! Kicking myself that we didn’t make room for some concrete!

  2. Those burgers look so droolworthy!

  3. Ohhh man this looks incredible. Also wishing we had one of these in Australia.. Hopefully one day in the future?!? Those cheesy fries and the concrete look like they are to die for..

  4. Tina @ bitemeshowme says:

    i didn’t even think to try this when I was in NYC back in 2009! Looks amazing, though I’ll have to see for myself who wins the battle between IN-N-Out VS Shake Shack!

  5. I can’t wait to have another one of these when I head back to NYC! I really wish they’d expand to Australia so I could expand with them.

  6. thelamstock says:

    YUM! The double cheeseburger is so in your face (in a good way!), lol! “HERE I AM FELLAS! COME AND GET ME!”


  7. Miss Piggy says:

    We went here in London back in September.I LOVED it…it wasn’t as great as the one I had in NYC, but it was darn close.I had TWO burgers in one sitting!

  8. I’ve been to New York three times and still haven’t stepped into Shake Shack. When you mention “concrete” I wasn’t quite sure what you were referring to. I did, however, try some soft serve custard elsewhere in the States. I wonder if it’s the same?

  9. Ramen Raff says:

    I need some shake shack burgers in my life right now! They definitely look sexier than In-n-out burgers lol

  10. These burgers look frustratingly good…..I’m in bed reading this and getting HANGRY. I soooooo wish there was a shake shack around here…….and remember…….don’t say there ain’t 🙉

    I want one nooooooooow!

  11. lmjapan says:

    I am drooling over those cheese fries! The cheese looks like golden liquid perfection.

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