Tan Viet Noodle House, Cabramatta

Posted: November 28, 2013 in Cabramatta, Vietnamese
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Tan Viet is known for their crispy skin chicken that it is deserving of a line out the door. I’ve heard so many glowing reports it was about time I got some. Even the little old Viet lady next to me tells me it is really good. She also decides to help me with my order. Oh bless… but is it that obvious I’m not from these parts?

We arrive and there’s a line. We’re about 10 people deep. Getting a pork roll is so tempting right about now. Stay focused, Priscilla… I estimate a half hour wait and 20 mins later, we’re in. I smell chicken skin! It smells so good I am taking in gulps full of chicken air. Tastes kinda like chicken.

collage - fpn

We order the crispy chicken with noodles ($12) and crispy chicken with tomato rice ($12) to share. Our dishes arrive and it’s moments like this, I hate that I blog. I can hear Julia nibbling away, “Mmmmm….”,”wow” and “mmm..” again.

chicken noodle

It’s my turn and I wonder if she’s setting me up. I take a bite and I start chiming in on this acapella too. God this is good. It’s crispy AND Mmmmmm…oist. The skin is wafer thin and brittle. The flesh is so succulent, that… wait, is that chicken juice running down my face? Oh GOD yes! Quick. Lick it. Before somebody else licks it for you.

The tomato rice and egg noodles are equally great options. It will just depend on what tickles your fancy. I end things with the three colour dessert ($4). I’m encouraged by the same little old Viet lady to get this.  Shit she’s cute. She tells me that back in Nha Trang (Vietnam) this is what she would eat as a little girl for breakfast. I was like, “You can’t eat that for breakfast!!! You BAD girl!!”

chicken rice

chicken close up

From the bottom up (dessert), there’s the red bean, beige mung beans, green strips of jelly and white coconut milk. Well… colour me happy that makes four! But this is so delicious and refreshing I’ll happily eat this rainbow.

three colour

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  1. Tina @ bitemeshowme says:

    Can’t believe you were in my hood and you didn’t tell me. I would have come out to see you! So glad you like it. That skin, is my everything.

  2. aww bless that little old lady!
    but talking about food while queing whilst hungry = torture!
    BUT OMG … that crispy chicken sounds so darn good!! the juices! omg! salivating!! haha!

  3. Drooling at the crispy skinned chicken – it’s been on my list to try this for a while now!

  4. Ahhh I remember my first encounter with Tan Viet, it felt like I was on a first date with a supermodel.

  5. Such satisfying chicken…. No queues when I went at about 4pm last time!

  6. Riley says:

    I can’t believe I have yet to check out this place especially since I’m local. I’ve read so much about their famous crispy skin chicken. Its about time I go.

  7. lmjapan says:

    The skin on that crispy chicken looks amazing! And I just love tomato rice.

  8. Rexy says:

    Hilarious commentaries and awesome writing!

  9. grabyourfork says:

    omg love the crispy chicken here! best in sydney for sure!

  10. I LOVE their crispy skin chicken. it is to die for ….

  11. Dear Priscilla,

    Tan Viet just opened a branch in Eastwood recently and a friend told me to try the crispy skin chicken. I never looked back since, it’s better than many expensive Cantonese restaurants.

  12. Tammi Kwok says:

    If you come by the one in Eastwood you gotta let me know! We can go for lunch together!

  13. peachcordial says:

    Oh my. That skin! I wish I lived closer to the Sydney Asian hotspots to be able to pop down the road and get some awesome take away fro dinner.

  14. We were down there two weeks ago and went to Pho Tau Bay and walked by here…..the one was insane to get in so we deferred it for another time plus we were after a good Pho that Noodlies kindly recommended.

    That crispy skin does look crazy good!

  15. We were down there two weeks ago and went to Pho Tau Bay and walked by here…..the line was insane to get in so we deferred it for another time plus we were after a good Pho that Noodlies kindly recommended.

    That crispy skin does look crazy good!

  16. I love crispy skin chicken with tomato rice! The pics of that chicken look so appetising :9

  17. I love this place 🙂 while the egg noodles and its stock, and the tomato rice, are quite stock standard, it definitely allows the crispy chicken to stand out 🙂 I can defs eat it on its own hahaha 🙂

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