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Posted: January 23, 2014 in Cheap Eats, Chinese, Indonesian, Korean, Malaysian, Mongolian, Singaporean, Sydney City, Thai, The Rocks
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It’s a gorgeous day in Sydney and I find myself with founder of Wok On Inn and with the two lovely ladies from 6DC PR (Sara and Julie). All have accompanied me to show off Wok On Inn’s latest venue at the Rocks, tucked away just a hop, skip and away from the Lowenbrau. I have to admit I’m feeling quite inspired when I meet Ankur Sehgal, founder and owner of the Wok On Inn franchise. He shares with me his vision and what sets Wok On Inn apart. “It’s all about dishing up street food that’s authentic, bold and affordable”, he says. Wok On Inn is just like any street food you would find back in Asia. There’s no MSG, meat is chemical free or grass fed and they pride themselves on using the freshest highest quality ingredients. It is about being as real as it comes, with its hawker stands, outdoor communal seating and help-it-yourself cutlery. What makes it even better is that Wok On Inn represents 8 different flavours across 8 different regions. That’s Chinese, Thai, Indonesian, Malaysian, Singaporean, Mongolian & Korean. Ankur (Owner) has also made every effort to preserve each origins inherent traditional flavours by going in so far as to create their very own authentic Asian sauces from each country of origin. All made with locally sourced ingredients.

We order three dishes to share. The Pad Thai, Bangkok Noodles and Uncle’s Drunken Noodles ($12.95 each) but during lunch this is ($9.95 ) with a can of drink/water but even at full prices it is still much cheaper than my local!

chicken pad thai

Chicken Pad Thai is one of my favourite dishes, which makes me the harshest critic ever. Particularly when you know what a good Pad Thai should taste like. Pad Thai either fall into one of two categories. Good, bad and even the ugly. But I have to say that this has surpassed my expectations and this is simply flawless. It’s bold, robust and wonderfully balanced. The chicken breast is deliciously tender and you can taste the traditional flavours of tamarind, fish sauce, dried shrimp, all rich in every mouthful. As well as, the crunchiness from the nuts balanced out with the smoothness of the noodles.

cashew nut noodle

Chicken cashew nut noodle is made with their very own Wok On Inn sweet chilli jam sauce. It is their home made sauces that really sets them apart making the experience a very bonafide one.The flavours of the sauce are very clean and robust, forget the gluggy thick concoctions. I also love the feel and firmness of the Hokkein noodles and how the sauces clings to each strand. I highly recommend this if you love sweet chilli, as it is the best version there is out there.

uncle's drunken noodles

Uncle’s Drunken Noodles is not for the faint hearted. It is smoking hot and recommended for the hungry and hungover! There is another theory that the dish is meant to be consumed with loads of alcohol just to combat the heat. Or that you have consumed so much alcohol that it dulls the sensation of the heat! Their home made chilli sauce will easily knock you for six, it is ‘that’ hot. The dish is served with flat noodles, loads of chillies and is made fragrant with Thai ingredients. A little too hot for my liking but I’m sure there are some interested buyers out there, who can handle the heat.

What you probably didn’t know is that Wok On Inn also serve up catering with a difference. For as little as $18 per person you can also get your very own Chef serving you these great dishes straight from the Wok. Think how amazing it will look having an industrial sized Wok and flames for all your guests at your next party!

Food Porn Nation dined as a guest of Wok On Inn. I would like to Ankur (Wok On Inn), Julie and Sara (6DC PR) for hosting me as their guest. Please note all opinions are my own.

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  1. grabyourfork says:

    The drunken noodles sound awesome!

  2. Nessy Eater says:

    What a unique name, Uncles Drunken noodles! I think I’ll bring a 6 pack when I order this dish 😛

  3. This is a great spot. I found the Pad Thai amazing and very authentic…..as I also did with the Cashew Chicken with noodles. Great portion sizes too!

  4. peachcordial says:

    Ooh how interesting! I’m always on the hunt for new lunch places in The Rocks area! Will def be paying them a visit.

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