Fratelli’s Wood Fired Pizza, Cremorne

Posted: January 28, 2014 in Cremorne, Italian, North Shore

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For a wood fired pizza that is absolutely delicioso, head to Fratelli’s Wood Fired Pizza in Cremorne. The Pizza is as it should. It’s simply, tasty and all topped on a delicious pizza base, that’s thin, crusty with a bit of chew. There are even lovely little air pockets, creating more flavour and texture, with its lovely burnt rounded edges flaking away with each bite. The setting is a mix of dine in and take away where you get the “it’s your local” feel, making the service really homey and friendly.

aglio e olio base

This is my girlfriend’s favourite local pizza spot and she insists that we all get the aglio e olio base ($11) to get things started. This is like my wildest garlic dreams coming true because this right here, also has cheese. Ugghhh… cheesey garlic!! That’s gooey stretchy mozzarella with lashings of smelly garlic and fresh parsley. The base is also a lot chewier and crunchier as it is considered a dry base. That’s no sauce.


Moving on to the pomodoro (tomato) base pizzas, we take on the tropicana ($19) and rocket & prosciutto ($22). Tropicana is absolutely delicious. It is the perfect example of sweet and savoury. It is also made really cheesey with the most beautiful mozzarella. It is so creamy that it makes all the difference. The quality of the ham is also equally clear.

ruccola e prosciutto

Rocket and prosciutto is as tasty as it gets. Generously layered with prosciutto after prosciutto. Again, you can taste the quality of ingredients come through and to top it over a delicious pizza base. Well, there is simply no better than a freshly made wood fired pizza with quality ingredients.

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  1. Looks good, I’d never even heard of this place. Although they have committed Italian sacrilege by putting pineapple on a pizza 🙂

  2. chocolatesuze says:

    ermahgerd those pizzas look insanely delish!

  3. I love a good wood-fired pizza and this looks fantastic. I can’t even bring myself to eat at the fast food pizza chains anymore……and especially since I’ve found Via Napoli mmmmm yummers!

  4. That’s amore.

    Top tier post as usual!

  5. Man these pizzas look good and so authentic too. Need to take myself here on a lil date sometime soon 😀 hehe

  6. milkteaxx says:

    that garlic pizza is worth every single garlic breath we breath!

  7. Yum! You can’t beat a good garlic pizza! Bases look lusciously puffy too!

  8. Absolutely love prosciutto and rocket on a pizza! Want!

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