The Dining Room located inside the Park Hyatt is situated underneath one of Sydney’s most prime landmarks, the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The restaurant itself is also perched right in front of the Sydney Opera House and offers up the most spectacular views of the harbour. The decor is as breath taking as the views, creating a warm, intimate and modern setting.  Since October 2013, the menu has been headed up by newly appointed Head Chef Franck Detrait and  undoubtedly showcases the hallmarks of his culinary experience back in France. Including his notable stint at one michelin star Vendôme in Paris. Mains are roughly at the $40 mark, making the $95 for a tasting menu exceptional value for 6 courses. This includes three entrees, two mains and one dessert from the menu.

collage - fpn

Not served as part of the tasting, the oysters ($5 each) are simply magnificent and should not be missed. They come with the most striking shallot vinegar dressing – a perfect balance of sweetness and acidity that complements wonderfully with the oysters.


The green pea and mint gazpacho is a great way to start things a fresh. It’s refreshing and fragrant. The accompaniment of the goat’s cheese makes for an even better ensemble, making it creamy and tangy.

green pea

The blue fin tuna tartare itself doesn’t disappoint. It is the mango and passionfruit condiment that is somewhat polarising, playing a very rich and sweet role in an already savoury dish.

blue fin

Finishing up from the entrees section of the tasting menu, the scallops were a real hit. They were served with a delicious accompaniments of cauliflower puree, popping pomegranate, tangy yuzu and the most gorgeous chicken jus. Making it one of the better scallops dishes I’ve ever had the pleasure of tucking into.


The duck breast is pretty in pink but it is let down by a not so crispy skin. As someone who hasn’t had fregola – a Sardinian pasta resembling couscous, I am quickly taken by it. It has a texture quite like no other and reminds me of the most creamy and delicious risotto that has the most incredible feel along your tongue.


Another magnificient dish – the beef tenderloin. The flavour of the beef is at full flight, with the meat beautifully pink and tender. The waft of the truffle jus is a real pleasure and I can already smell this before the dish reaches me. Visually it is soaking longingly in and around the potato puree and beef.

beef tenderloin

We also asked if one of us could substitute the beef tenderloin for the 9+ grading of wagyu sirloin ($70) offered on the menu. To compare the two (beef tenderloin or wagyu) is a difficult task. Both are beautiful in their own respect. The tenderloin has a stronger beefy flavour and admittedly more tastier. The wagyu is butter soft, fatty and is all about the texture and richness at a really high quality.


Instead of the dessert offered on the tasting menu we asked to replace it with two desserts from the menu. The lemon tart is flawless and the perfect way to finish. The custard filling is creamy and zesty with the pastry, buttery and crumbly. Sorbet is stunning, cutting across all that delicious butter fat, delivering a clean and zesty after taste.


My sister, an ex-pat living in London who “hadn’t had a lamington in ages”, couldn’t quite resist the call of their deconstructed version. The cake is interesting, once you let the flavours settle, this tastes exactly like a lamington but with a much richer flavour and thicker texture. The cake consists of a chocolate sponge, layer of caramel and coconut topping with the chocolate points meant to resemble the view of the Opera House. A very clever and well executed dish.


The food was contemporary gorgeous and well executed, showcasing the local ingredients with a French twist. The views are spectacular and the service is flawless, attended to by very accommodating and attentive staff. All playing its part to complete the entire dining experience. Best of all, this is all at an incredible value especially given the backdrop and high standard of service and dishes being served

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  1. The scallops look divine!

  2. Food looks great. Lamington cake sounds delish!

  3. Nessy Eater says:

    Interesting new way of eating lamington cake 😀

  4. My Kitchen Stories says:

    I havent been here for years. It looks like very good value so may be back for a visit soon

  5. Tammi Kwok says:

    Oooh wagyu!! Be still my beating heart. Oh wait, I think that’s just my arteries clogging.

  6. oooh yummm!!! i love fregola dishes!

  7. Snappystreet says:

    It all looks divine! I’ve had high tea there, it was amazing 🙂

  8. milkteaxx says:

    i love scallops and they look real plump and juicy!

  9. peachcordial says:

    Hmm I don’t think I’ve ever been one for oysters, but they look pretty good in your photos! I’ve also never stepped foot into The Dining Room, before or after the renovations! I did contemplated it for a sugar hit years ago but it just never happened. I think I’ll add this one to the to do list too.

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