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If the name doesn’t grab you by the buns let alone by the balls, then surely the food and booze will. Buns and Balls is located just under Hugo’s Bar and Lounge on Bayswater Road and is headed up by Gary Linz, founder and owner of Opporto and Bondi Pizza. The new venue brings a cool and casual atmosphere to what some might consider as a bit of divey end of town. Here you can knock down a few cocktails, chink your wine glasses, grab some buns and balls around the loungey outdoor area,or you can take it inside to where the pool table or foosball is at.

Since publishing this post Buns and Balls have announced that they have closed and will be reopening in the Eastern Suburbs due to the new licensing laws.

juice cocktails

To line our stomachs we begin with a juice cocktail, all freshly squeezed at the bar. You can opt for frills ($12/alcohol) or no frills ($7/no alcohol). Both flavours were equally as delicious and refreshing as the other. In fact, they were so tasty I found it hard to pick which one I fancied more.

beef and pork

Beef and pork balls were a saucy bunch. Tasty and very meaty ($9).

fish balls

The barramundi croquette balls ($9) were my top pick. Unassuming at first, they were beautifully cooked with a crispy crunchy crumbed surface with a fluffy flakey barramundi filling. Having the telltale signs of a home made sauce the tartare sauce was the perfect finish, adding a lovely creamy tangy touch to an already perfect dish.

steak salad

The smokey steak salad ($12.50) came up as my least favourite. When compared to other dishes that were served I thought the portions could have been more generous when it came to the helpings and ingredients. Especially when you could get away with a burger for a tenner.

wagyu cheese burger

The first burger of the night happen to blow the salad out of the water. Buns beats salad any day! Very much like your traditional cheese burger ($10) this came with pickles, grilled onions, tomatoes, pickles but had a gorgeous wagyu beef patty and their own BB sauce to lift it to the highest order.  At $10, it is incredible value and would definitely give Chur Burger a run for their money.

chicken burger

When I had bite of the chicken and chilli burger ($10) I immediately thought of Opporto’s burgers, so it really came as no surprise that the owner of Buns and Balls, was also the owner of Oporto. The taste is very similar but different at the same time.

vanilla ice cream sandwich

The vanilla ice cream sandwich ($6) was a simple and yet a brilliant combination. A delicious vanilla ice cream sandwich between two macadamia cookies. I’m pretty sure it was one of those subway cookies and who doesn’t love a subway cookie?

krispy kreme

We finished the night with a hot Krispy Kreme donut dipped in some melted belgium chocolate ($6) which tasted exactly how you would imagine. Amazing! I haven’t had a Krispy Kreme in like forever, I mean where have they all gone? So having one dipped in hot chocolate was certainly a reunion of sorts!

This is a great little spot to get away from the main drag and knock back a cheeky one or two. Or better yet, go get your paws on a few of their cheeky Buns and Balls.

Food Porn Nation was invited to attend Online Influencers Dinner at Buns and Balls thanks to Simon from Simon Says and Sian from The Darlin Group. Please note all opinions are my own. 

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buns & balls 2



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  1. Ohhh I was right next to this place two nights ago – apparently they’ve closed down their KC location due to the new lockout laws, and have moved to Bondi instead?

  2. I wonder where they’ll move to… (Is the paper plates and plastic cups what they normally use, or just a one-off for your event?)

  3. Haha, the krispy kreme and chocolate combo sound like the bomb!

  4. hope to see it at its new location soon. the food looks really yummy. should be interesting to see what happens to the eateries around there.

  5. A place called Buns & Balls in King’s Cross that isn’t a strip clup?

    Keen to try it when the new place opens up. Can never get enough soft, soft buns.

  6. So. Many. Balls. Haha. A shame they’ve had to close and relocate. The lock-out laws will be a huge test for many businesses methinks.

  7. Buns and Balls?! The name always cracks me up! I am not sure about these new lockout laws in addressing drunken violence. I wonder if they need to change their name to fit into their new location?

  8. […] new lockout laws have had an effect on the establishments there – Buns and Balls has already relocated, and they’ve barely just opened! While I myself can’t really comment on whether these […]

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