If you are a bit of a burger geek like me, then Huxtaburger should be on your burger bucket list. Starting up in Collingwood in Melbourne, it is making its way to new locations in the CBD and Prahran with rumours that there is more to come.

The CBD store is located on Collins St at Fulham Pl just off Flinders Lane. Starting from $9 they offer a seriously quality burger and it all comes down to the quality of ingredients. They use Moondarra Wagyu beef and a deliciously glazed buttered sweet bun. It is light, sweet and glossy which melts away with the rest of its glorious insides. It is the stuff that burger dreams are made of. Some have said it comes very close to the ultimate Shake Shack burger and I totally hear you… There is even a ‘separated at birth’ type resemblance but I would still give the gold medallion to Shake Shack. Shake Shack has cheesy fries. Enough said.

collage - fpn

The burgers here are curiously named after the family members in the Bill Cosby show. There’s Bill with pineapple, beetroot, bacon and egg ($12), or you may also want to consider the hot favourites. Like the Denise ($10) with beef, cheese, tomato, lettuce, jalapenos and sriracha mayo or artery clogging Theo ($12). That’s a double patty, double cheese, bacon, mustard, mayo, tomato sauce, bbq sauce, tomato, lettuce & pickles on a buttered sweet bun. Sweet Jesus.. saying it out like that sounds bad. Did I actually consume all of that? ‘THE’ almighty Theo. I hadn’t realised… but can I just say it was FREAKING AWESOME and worth every penny that triple by-pass is going to cost me. It was so good, that I immediately wanted another.

I love crinkle cut fries. Crinkle cut fries have not once let me down, until today. Unfortunately, they were very bland and didn’t have any texture. They weren’t even soggy. At least sooggy’s a texture. The promise of spicy chipotle on my fries didn’t sort me out either. At least the fries were only $2.50 and the addition of chipotle was free.

Nonetheless, the burgers here are out of this world and I would easily anoint it one of Melbourne’s best.



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  1. Miss Piggy says:

    I freaking loved Huxtaburger! We went twice in two days and I had the plain burger both times (whatever THAT is called). I thought the fries were good…maybe they were having an off day. I hope this guys open a branch in Sydney – that would be awesome.

    • Yes I agree. I would love a branch in Sydney!! I doubt my hips will though. Haha
      Yeah fries just didn’t cut it. I also had a second opinion with me but equally I’ve heard positive reviews so maybe was an off day. You had the huxtaburger!! Yum

  2. I went to the Merrywell instead and it haunts me before I go to bed every night…

  3. Oh man the burgers do look out of this world!

  4. Ramen Raff says:

    Their burgers are my absolute favourite burgers above all burgers I’ve had. Though I prefer the normal huxtaburger. It’s simple but great, it handles well and it’s how a burger should be. They don’t actually use brioche buns, it’s just soft sweet buns that are buttered nicely and lightly toasted.

    • Yeah a lot of people have been saying the normal hux is good. See if I can squeeze that in for a snack next time haha

      Oh right. I honestly thought it was one. It tastes so much like one and I also read a lot reports that it was a buttered brioche bun but I would never question you. You are ‘THE’ all time burger geek!

  5. Oooo I walked past Huxtaburger when I was in Melbourne last time I was there but didn’t go in because I was still recovering from breakfast (that included a cronut lol). Phwoar, just look at that melted cheese!!! Definitely checking out Huxtaburger next time.

  6. Haha I love that they’re named after characters in the Cosby show!

  7. Brioche bun? Already sold! Ah Melbourne, always giving me another reason to go back.

    Have you had burgerman in Melbourne? I hear that place has a great Burger too!

  8. been hearing so much about Huxtaburger and its awesomeness lately. those burgers look epic!

  9. Huxtaburger… Huxtables… I get it, big Cosby fan ;p The sad thing is, if you hadn’t of pointed it out, I would of thought, ‘what weird names for burgers?’ Great looking ones as well.

  10. OMG …!! Burgers!! Will def add this to our bucket list when down in Melb again! 😀
    I’ve never tried Shake Shack, another on my bucket list 😛

    Such a shame with the fries, it almost kills a part of me when they go “wrong” 😦

    – Cassie @ Next Stop: Food

  11. Dear Priscilla,

    I am a burger geek like you and love making my own burgers at home. Maybe I should go check out Churburger in Sydney since everyone has been raving about it.

  12. peachcordial says:

    Ooh those fries. I love the fries that are slightly crisp but more soft and fluffy on the inside. I’m dying for a trip to Melbourne!

  13. They look like some serious burgers there…….decent size too from the looks of it. My question to you Priscilla, could you have eaten another Theo? 🙂

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