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MEATliquor located in Marylebone has caused quite the stir with it’s epic queues, no bookings and dress code policy. That is no ballet flat and no suits. Line up behind the barricade and wait for the bouncer to let you in. Expect a hell raising bikey club upon entry but the venue is staffed with surprisingly friendly folk that embody that all round American customer service experience. The venue is dark, dingy and I’m pretty sure sticky. The music is banging out rock anthems at about 150 decibels too high, staff are heavily tatted up with the ceiling/walls intricately masked with graffiti murals.  The food is an all-around American junk food tribute to hot wings, mac n cheese, cheese fries, hot dogs and their mains are centred only around burgers.

Fried Pickles with Blue Cheese Dip - MEATliquor - Marylebone - London Food Blog

We tuck into the fried pickles (£3.50) and it offers a sharp tang of vinegar and contrast of a crisp crunchy batter. The interplay of the gooey pickle against the fried batter is really special and is immediately our top pick of the night.

The blue cheese dip is really flavoursome and very authentic. This is exactly as you would find it in the USA. Thick, creamy and lush. I usually find it very difficult to find a blue cheese dip this good anywhere outside of the States and this is authentic it comes.

Bingo Wings - Buffalo Hot Wings with Blue Cheese Dip - Meatliquor - Marylebone - London Food Blog

These Bingo – Buffalo Hot Wings (£7.00) are as gutsy as it gets. These wings mimic the Louisana Deep South Wings flawlessly. Crunchy then coated with hot sauce then served with an authentic blue cheese dip. These can not be beat.

When I am in the States, I am an absolute sucker for buffalo hot wings. They are my absolute ‘go to’ dish and these are spot on.

Bacon Cheeseburger - MEATliquor - Marylebone - London Food Blog

The burgers have polarised reviewers with foodies pointing to MEATliquor to either offering the best and conversely, the worst burgers in London. Sadly, I happen to fall into the latter foodie camp. The bacon cheeseburger (£8.50) was a tad sad, the bun was limp, the meat was dry and lacking in flavour. While the sauces were bland and did not add much value.

Dead Hippie Burger - MEATliquor - Marylebone - London Food Blog

Erin from Island Bell blog, opted for the Dead Hippie Burger wrapped in Lettuce – gluten free (£8.50) and she did not find the burger all that dazzling. The burger includes 2x French Mustard fried – beef patties, dead hippie sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles and minced white onions.

Cheap and cheerful, MEATliquor offers an authentic American foodie experience. If you can get past the burgers and the tunes raging on the in the background, the food is pretty good especially when everything priced on the menu comes under £10.

Summary Information:
1) Deep Fried Pickles
2) Buffalo Hot Wings – these were very authentic
3) Blue Cheese Dip – was also very authentic and is typically very hard to replicate outside the States
4) The service was very friendly

1) The burgers weren’t very flavoursome considering it is their main offering
2) The volume of music

Food rating: 3.5/5
Service rating: 4/5

Prices: £10 to £20 for a main and a side, excludes drinks and service.

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    Those PICKLES! xx

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