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Ok. So we all know. It’s an absolute nightmare to even make a booking. The booking form is as famous as the restaurant itself.

It’s rigid, comprehensive and virtually impossible. It almost makes you want to give up on food. Life even!

So I thought, what better way to enable my fellow foodies by writing up about my first-hand booking experience and share with you some of my key tips picked up over the course of a month.

With the hope that one day, you could almost certainly secure a spot at the elusive Momofuku Seiōbo restaurant. Or at least die trying.

My experience was no easy feat. Oh no no… But practice makes perfect and with countless attempts later, I would hone my clicking and typing skills down to a ‘T”, eventually taking me to see the bright lights of sweet success.

I would ceremoniously log in everyday at 10:00, enter my details, hit ok, only to find crosses everywhere along the reservation table. This would already be my third week running…

Finally, I found a green tick that was available for me to click on. Ding ding ding – Jack pot.

momofuku - green


Photographing food had it’s humble beginnings with me trying to steal photos of food with embarrassed red cheeks. I would sheepishly take a photo here and a photo there to the judgement and curiousity of other diners. Some would smile and some would stare. Depending on my confidence levels, I would either feel embarrassed and shy away. Or I would full steam right ahead and continue on.

Gone are the days of the shrinking violet. I am now a full blown food porn photographer exploiting the fruits of someone else’s labour for my own personal keep sake. And I don’t hold back. I am bolder, more cunning and as unadulterated than ever before.

I have this insatiable desire to capture every morsel of food on camera. If you’ve dined or wined with me, you know the drill.

Standard procedure? Come to be expected? Signature move? Annoying as all hell? Call it what you will. At the end of the day, it is what I know best and that’s food porn.


We have all become a nation of food pornographers or followers. Whether you fall under the former or the latter. You and I have all partaken in it. Either with arms wide open, behind closed doors or without even realising it. We have all taken steps towards it. We have all spent countless hours gawking at food photos, food blogs, food shows, food channels, food ads, pulling our painstaking faces whilst we, “ooo” and “ahh” away.

We’ve all pictured it up close and from a far. In different angles and in different positions. Even in different lighting, I’m sure. Well, I certainly have. And if you have ever felt particularly adventurous, just as I have. I bet you have had them all posing together or with props included. Perhaps a San Pellegrino bottle, a knife, or even a good action shot where you are in mid bite or simply toying with it. And when you wanted to get a peek inside, I’m sure you have sliced your food wide open to expose its revealing centre, ya freak. And of course, you left it on your tweets, facebook  and flickr for all to see. Nothing is sacred.

Food so decadent, so mouthwatering, so beautifully, so delicately and so diligently laid out in front of you with sweet painful artistry and perfection. It is simply a disservice and an injustice to the craftsmanship and fine work of a chef to not capture it on film.

Life imitating art? Or art imitating life? Whatever the case may be. We are becoming a nation of food pornographers or followers. And boy, is this only the beginning.

Welcome to food porn and to humble beginnings.