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buns and balls - signage

If the name doesn’t grab you by the buns let alone by the balls, then surely the food and booze will. Buns and Balls is located just under Hugo’s Bar and Lounge on Bayswater Road and is headed up by Gary Linz, founder and owner of Opporto and Bondi Pizza. The new venue brings a cool and casual atmosphere to what some might consider as a bit of divey end of town. Here you can knock down a few cocktails, chink your wine glasses, grab some buns and balls around the loungey outdoor area,or you can take it inside to where the pool table or foosball is at.

Since publishing this post Buns and Balls have announced that they have closed and will be reopening in the Eastern Suburbs due to the new licensing laws.


As Excuse Me Waiters plus 1, I attended the Ladies Lunch Blogger Event at The Village, for a very sizeable set menu and cocktails jugs to boot. And for anyone who knows me best, surely knows that I couldn’t even stand a chance of saying no to that.

For just $39 per person on Saturdays and Sundays, you can round up the girls for wine/cocktails and a very sizeable set menu all dished up in a very stylish, sheik and modern setting.


antipasto sharing plate

Antipasto Plate – cured meats, artichokes, chargrilled red peppers, semi-dried tomatoes, marinated olives, hummus, beetroot dip & toasted sourdough.

The Antipasto Plate was a great way to kick things off and share between perfect strangers. The ginormous jug of Pimm’s  was definitely enough to corrupt my poor innocent soul and get the conversation a flow, to talk to whom ever and say what ever.


salt n pepper squid

Salt and pepper squid came out sweet, juicy and fresh. The aioli was so good you wanted to let the squid, sit, dip and rotate. And then sit some more in all its garlicky glory.

sicilian arrancini

smoked mozzarella arrancini, drizzled with tomato puree and crumbled parmesan.

While tasty, I thought this dish was missing the robust flavours in an arrancini that I am used to seeing. Still the arrancini was sizeable enough lavishly covered in tomato puree, parmesan shavings.

roasted pumpkin salad

The addition of the simple yet a tasty salad of salty feta, toasty pine nuts and roasted fleshy pumpkin helped ease the damage I was doing to my poor arteries. And let’s not forget the the tomato, basil and mozzarella salad too. Yep… anything to make me feel better. WOO! Kind of like the big mac meal with a diet coke combo.


caprese salad

margarita pizza

Quickly back on to carb mode, the margarita pizza was a simple and tasty number, served on a thin crust with a thin coating of tomato, cheese and basil. No muss, no fuss.

chocolate fondant

Chocolate Fondant with Raspberry Coulis and Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

I rarely ever “do” desserts. I’m more of a savoury over sweet kind-of-girl. But this Chocolate Fondant made me food-o so hard at the table, it was unbelievable. I don’t think I have ever umm… done that over a dessert, let alone a chocolate one? It had that crumbly exterior, an interior of liquid chocolate silk and that vanilla bean ice cream was pretty bang on too.

apple and berry crumble

I just LOVE this shot of Yvn from Excuse Me Waiter poking in. She kept apologising (bless her) but really, I think it made for a great shot! I also think this shot accurately captures the scene and mood of the event, just times it by 30!! It’s quite funny seeing yourself being reflected back at you 30 times!

Welcome to the Ladies Lunch, for a perfect way to get the girls out, for a glass and half and a meal that’s a steal.

Food Porn Nation dined as a guest of The Village

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The Village

02 8084 6057

Kings Cross

1 Kellett Way
Potts Point, NSW 2011

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I have to admit the first time I had heard of A Tavola was at the Taste of Sydney Festival 2012. It was a great little intro. Hand made pasta, with a just like “mama used to make” ragu all wrapped in and around my plastic fork and nestled away in my little throw away container. Our brief encounter was enough to bring me back for a visit to sample more of what A Tavola had to offer.

Red cabbage, raisins, dolce latte, walnuts, balsamic

Red cabbage, raisins, dolce latte, walnuts, balsamic $16

To begin with, the red cabbage, raisins, walnuts with balsamic was filled with texture and bite. A simple yet pleasant way to start off the evening but I still felt it was missing something.

Red cabbage, raisins, dolce latte, walnuts, balsamic

Half moon shaped ravioli filled with peas, ricotta, oregano, heirloom carrot, truffle pecorino $31

The half moon ravioli definitely had lift off. The decently portioned ravioli was filled with a positively plump centre of mushy peas and ricotta. Dressed with oregano and truffle pecorino it was lightly submersed in a burnt butter sauce. The creamy buttery perky pasta parcels was enough to break a girl’s heart, since we had only ordered this to share. Which wasn’t annoying at all, since I only had one!

Hand cut pappardelle pasta, slow braised beef, red wine, tomato, bay, sage   34

Hand cut pappardelle pasta, slow braised beef, red wine, tomato, bay, sage $34

Our waitress had us wrapped around her little finger, she convinced that we all had to order their signature dish. She was so compelling! And she wasn’t mistaken. The rich flavours of the beef and ragu sauce were interwoven softly and tucked in and around the slippery pasta pappardelle ribbons. It really brought home the feel of Nona’s home made ragu especially when you went it for slurp. So comforting and so fulfilling, I will have to come back and say hello, once more.

Welcome to A Tavola, for some home made pasta dishes, just like how mama used to make.

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02 9331 7871

348 Victoria St

Darlinghurst, NSW 2010