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I love meat. Everybody knows it. Especially if it’s rare.

The fact is, I love to nibble away at raw minced beef. Sprinkle it with a dash of crushed rock salt and I’m done for. Yum, yum. Not many people know that about me but now you do. You and the rest of Australia of course!!

wagyu tartare

wagyu tartare, truffle aioli, pine nuts and white soy dressing $18

The wagyu tartare was kind of an abomination of your traditional steak tartare, an adaptation if you will. There was no sight of a golden yolk to forcibly crush and most of the traditional elements have drawn on alternative substitutes.

The wagyu beef was chunkier than expected and required little more gumption to consume. I couldn’t quite trace the truffle aioli and I found the dish rather sweet with the white soy dressing. The pear was a nice touch but it wasn’t enough to turn me. Unfortunately, this dish wasn’t for me.

potato scallops rosemary and truffle oil

potato scallops rosemary and truffle oil $8

I couldn’t resist the temptation of eating a potato scallop to relive one my soggy childhood memories. I even remember when they were 30 cents! They would be hot as hell, burning the living day lights out of my lips and fingers. And it would be positively soaked and dripping with oil. Just gold.

A delicious reformed and sophisticated take, these golden nuggets were lightly doused with wafts of rosemary and truffle oil. Containing a textural contrast of a crunchy exterior versus a fluffy interior. It was just perfect with a dusting of rock salt.

glazed beef short rib w BBQ sauce

glazed beef short rib with house-made BBQ sauce $32 (350grams)

Looking at this is enough to make me weep. Looking back, was enough to make me wail. This fall off the bone hunk of love, was so chunky you could carve it without a knife and rip it to shreds. So tender, so saucy, I really ought to have gotten my hands dirty, let loose and enjoyed it with candour.