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One of the most popular events to hit Crave Sydney Food Festival is the Night Noodle Markets. Held over 13 nights where Sydney’s Asian restauranteurs come together in true hawker fashion to showcase their best at Sydney’s Hyde Park.

I’m not normally a huge fan of the Night Noodle Markets. There are hoards of people, you can never find a spot to eat and worse, there’s usually a massive line between you and what’s cooking.

This year saw more stalls and more seating. Event organisers even included table service in the mix. Staff would remove your leftovers and kindly offer to order you a drink. “I’ll have a cab sav thanks!!”

ATM machines were also cleverly installed so you wouldn’t have to bear the embarrassment of running out of cash. Clever.

eat art truck

a Food Truck story…

Eat Art Truck is one of 10 food trucks to hit Sydney, thanks to Sydney Mayor – Clover Moore.

This began with regulatory changes enabling mobile vendors to take shape and only 10 permits were up for grabs.

Due to overwhelming interest, interested vendors were put through rigorous testing where finalists competed in an ultimate cook off. The competition was judged by a panel of expert food judges where the winners of the permits were announced.

How to find them?

To locate the moving targets, trading hours are updated regularly through their Twitter and Facebook feeds but to access all Food Truck updates in real time. The City of Sydney has recently released a new Food Truck app.

chicken wings

Eat Art Truck is fast becoming one of Sydney’s favourite food trucks and is headed up by Testuya’s ex-sous chef Stuart McGill.

These chicken wings have been getting a lot of air time since its arrival. It boasts a spicy crisp exterior against a succulent interior and a gorgeous creamy mayo laced all over the chicken skin. And for $8 we had 6 massive chicken wings to let loose on. Bargain.

pulled pork bun

Next up, the pulled pork bun. The sweet bun was jam packed with masses of pulled pork. I chose to have the bourbon BBQ sauce rather than the hot chilli sauce and found that the bourbon BBQ was masked by the marinade of the pulled pork. So perhaps, hot chilli next time round? Nevertheless, the bun was still tasty and incredible value for $12. Surely no one could eat all of this in one sitting?

beef brisket bun

The beef brisket bun was less successful. If I had to compare the amount of beef vs. the pork. Beef would lose out.

I also found that the slaw to beef ratio was outweighed by the slaw. It didn’t taste like kimchi and I also couldn’t taste the chilli. By no means did it taste bad, it just didn’t live to up the expectations as advertised.

kingfish sashimi tortilla

The colourful kingfish sashimi was visually so stunning that I caught a lot of food envy from my fellow night noodle-ers!

The fresh kingfish cubes are tender and finds itself coated with lime and chilli. Kingfish morsels are laid on a bed of crunchy tortilla chips and is gloriously laced with the aforementioned mayo sauce.

chicken wings 2

Given its previous success. We unanimously agreed to order a 2nd and 3rd batch of the chicken wings. One wing per head count just will not do!

beef wrapped vine leaves

carmalised pork belly

The beef wrapped in vine leaves didn’t quite do it for me, it was dry and had this processed aftertaste.

Although the pork belly was beautifully soft, fatty and wonderfully caramelised with a delicious rich deep sauce. This went down a hit with the excess sauce soaked into our bed of rice.

noodles w spicy sichuan sauce

Served cold, these noodles were absolutely gorgeous. The noodles were soft and slippery and submerged in the most delicious spicy sichuan sauce finding its way through every strand.

tea smoked duck

It’s difficult not to compare the tea smoked duck to your duck pancake. I always find that the technique of cooking dries the texture of meat, reduces the fattiness and crispiness of  the duck. This was very much the case here. While tasty, my preference lies firmly with my fatty duck pancake.

sichuan pepper beef jerky

The less popular item of the night was the sichuan pepper beef jerky, only because it was scalding hot! A couple of pieces were unbearable and made it difficult to taste the inherent flavours with the chilli overkill.

The Night Noodle Markets was a vast improvement to previous years. Event organisers clearly put a lot of thought into the event by easing the amount of congestion by having more operators and more table settings.

With great weather on our side, buzz in the air and the hum of live jazz tunes. You can’t help but let loose with good company, good food and good wine.

Welcome to the Night Noodle Market, for good times.

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I have to admit the first time I had heard of A Tavola was at the Taste of Sydney Festival 2012. It was a great little intro. Hand made pasta, with a just like “mama used to make” ragu all wrapped in and around my plastic fork and nestled away in my little throw away container. Our brief encounter was enough to bring me back for a visit to sample more of what A Tavola had to offer.

Red cabbage, raisins, dolce latte, walnuts, balsamic

Red cabbage, raisins, dolce latte, walnuts, balsamic $16

To begin with, the red cabbage, raisins, walnuts with balsamic was filled with texture and bite. A simple yet pleasant way to start off the evening but I still felt it was missing something.

Red cabbage, raisins, dolce latte, walnuts, balsamic

Half moon shaped ravioli filled with peas, ricotta, oregano, heirloom carrot, truffle pecorino $31

The half moon ravioli definitely had lift off. The decently portioned ravioli was filled with a positively plump centre of mushy peas and ricotta. Dressed with oregano and truffle pecorino it was lightly submersed in a burnt butter sauce. The creamy buttery perky pasta parcels was enough to break a girl’s heart, since we had only ordered this to share. Which wasn’t annoying at all, since I only had one!

Hand cut pappardelle pasta, slow braised beef, red wine, tomato, bay, sage   34

Hand cut pappardelle pasta, slow braised beef, red wine, tomato, bay, sage $34

Our waitress had us wrapped around her little finger, she convinced that we all had to order their signature dish. She was so compelling! And she wasn’t mistaken. The rich flavours of the beef and ragu sauce were interwoven softly and tucked in and around the slippery pasta pappardelle ribbons. It really brought home the feel of Nona’s home made ragu especially when you went it for slurp. So comforting and so fulfilling, I will have to come back and say hello, once more.

Welcome to A Tavola, for some home made pasta dishes, just like how mama used to make.

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02 9331 7871

348 Victoria St

Darlinghurst, NSW 2010