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roast pork w sauce

When I am in the mood to impress this is something I like to whip up. What you have is a lot of contrasting flavours and textures. Salty, sweet, crunchy and tender. The best part is laying it out and slicing it for that deafening CRACKing noise and all eyes are on you. The pressure is on when you bring this baby home. However, to make sure it is ready for the cracking. One thing I like to do is to grab a knife and give it a good whack with the tip of the knife. If it sounds crackly and hollow, you’re good to go.

The recipe was given to me by Ms G, which I have slightly adapted. I caramelise the apples underneath the pork, so that the pork juices infuse into the apples. When you pull the pork out of the oven, everyone will swarm over to have a little perv then quickly turn on the apples and start picking at them. So I always prepare some extras. It tastes like candied flavoured apples with a rich pork flavour. It tastes so incredible, that you could probably stop right here and forget about the sauce! But having it, in its entirety with the pork is pretty bloody unreal. Give it a go because you won’t know what hit you!